The Warriors have launched a new community program to help Santa Cruz County citizens 55 and over live healthfully and thrive this summer. The Sea Dub Classics will host a variety of events to energize our fans with new activities to help them live well, with support from the Santa Cruz Warriors staff and associates, Kaiser Permanente and local community partners.


For more information, contact Alyssa Beatton at abeatton@santacruzbasketball.com


April 2020 – Chair Yoga Watch Here 
May 2020 – Meditation and Mindful Breathing Watch Here 
June 2020 – River Walk & Plant/Species Lesson Watch Here
July 2020 – Zumba Watch Here 
August 2020 – Tai Chi Watch Here
September 2020 – MAH Tour Watch Here 
October 2020 – Fit for Life – Precision Physical Therapy Class Watch Here
November 2020 – Marine Sanctuary Tour Watch Here 
December 2020 – Falls Prevention – Kaiser Permanente Watch Here
January 2021 – Salsa – El Palomar Watch Here 
February 2021 – Seniors Council Roundtable Discussion Watch Here 
March 2021 – Nutrition Class – 1440 Multiversity Watch Here 
April 2021 – Posture & Back Pain Tips – Precision Watch Here 
May 2021 – Mental Health Seminar/Tips Watch Here
June 2021 – Sun Safety Watch Here 
 July 2021 – Light Cardio and Strength Watch Here