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Contact Information

For more information about the Santa Cruz Warriors, call 831-713-4400 or send an email to

Address: 903 Pacific Avenue Ste. 101 Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Staff Directory

David Fatoki
General Manager
Chris Murphy
Santa Cruz Warriors President
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David Kao
Chief Operating Officer
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Deborah Gozzo
Business Manager
Email Deborah
Annika Kelsey
Manager, Ticket Sales
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Madison Taylor
Account Executive, Ticket Services
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Zach Owens
Senior Account Executive, Ticket Sales
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Spencer Arburn
Account Executive, Ticket Sales
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Spencer Alicia
Account Executive, Ticket Sales
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Humberto Contreras
Account Executive
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Travis Kittell
Coordinator, Ticket Operations
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Cody Allen
Game Operations Manager
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Michael Duquette
Supervisor, Arena Operations
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Alyssa Beatton
Director, Public Relations & Community Relations
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Shannon Stabler
Manager, Basketball Operations / Team Development
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Anna Burleson
Coordinator, Public and Community Relations
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Cheyenne Loftus
Coordinator, Business Operations
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Melissa Coffin
Manager, Partnerships Development
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John Sakoda
Coordinator, Partnership Development
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Amanda Furtado
Senior Director, Marketing
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Nathalie Catap
Manager, Marketing
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Vincent Irao
Coordinator, Marketing
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Winfield White
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